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Once you start travelling, it is really hard to stop! You already have or you create a bucket list of all the destinations you would like to go to and every time you have been fortunate to make an amazing trip to a destination that was on that bucket list, 3 more destinations are added to that same list. There is always a next destination to wish for!

I consider myself One Lucky Traveller, whether I am on a holiday or on an educational/study trip (the most amazing gift of being a travel agent). I enjoy all my trips! When I travel I become alive, I live, I experience, I see, I learn, I do, I explore, I discover, I love, I enjoy… and so much more. Travelling is an extraordinary gift for the mind and the soul! So if you are in good health, you have time and the means to travel, then please do so. 

Work is still in progress on this website! I launched One Lucky Traveller in April, 2019. Slowly I am translating the travel blogs I wrote over the last 10 years from Dutch into (hopefully proper) English. And of course new travel adventures bring new stories. Check here to see which Travel Blogs are already online.

Feel free to share this website, the travel blogs and/or the Tips & Tricks. If you want information on a destination I wrote about or if you need tips, just leave a comment or send a message and I will answer you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for visiting; I hope you get inspired to travel! 


One Lucky Traveller

September, 2019

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