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“Every time I have been fortunate to make an amazing trip to a destination that was on my bucket list, 3 more destinations are added to that same list. There is always a next destination to wish for!”

My name is Elisabeth and I was born in The Netherlands. In the very early years of my life, we moved a few times because of my father’s work, before ending up in a coastal town (I was 7 years old), where I stayed till the age of 25.

Our family seldom went on holiday, simply because my parents could not afford it. We used to go camping in our home country, but that stopped when I was about 10 (I only have photographs to remind me).

Being born in September meant that I was a young “student”. I started high school when I was 11 years old and after 4 years I had my diploma. Since starting high school, I was living with my mother since my parents separated/divorced. I wanted to continue high school at a higher level, not knowing yet what I wanted to do in life, but instead my parents decided they wanted me to do a year of Secretary School and that is what happened (fortunately it was a good school). Once I finished Secretary School, I was 16 and I had to find a job; 2 years later I moved out on my own.

I was fortunate to find work easily, but I always felt that I was missing something in life. I loved watching travel programs on TV and one day I saw a TV show about a “working holiday” in Australia. I got so excited and knew that that was what I wanted to do! I started saving up as much money as I could, gave up my job and apartment and before turning 26 I left The Netherlands. I spent a year in Australia, visiting Singapore on my way “down” there, did a 3-week tour through New Zealand somewhere in the middle of my year and I visited Bali on my way back home. I was lucky to have a few good jobs in Sydney, making it possible for me to do and see as much of the country as I could.

Once I got back in The Netherlands, I was restless, I did not want to stay. I got an invitation to go to Zakynthos to work in a bar for a couple of months (never made a cocktail before) and the next winter I applied for a job as a tour operator representative in Greece and I ended up living in Greece for almost 14 years! From Zakynthos I went to Athens and from Athens I went to Rhodes (Rodos). Health issues and Greece being in a big (financial) crisis in the meantime, made me return to The Netherlands. I still miss my life Greece every day and although I have the Dutch nationality, I do feel a bit Greek! It will always be my home away from home!

Once I returned in The Netherlands, I found myself a job at a travel agency. Tourism is not the best paid industry, but I loved my job and it gave me many opportunities to travel. Because of my work I have travelled a lot and I am so blessed with all the trips I was able to do; I created so many memories and no matter what happens in life, nobody can take those away from me!

That is why I consider myself One Lucky Traveller, because I feel blessed. Whether I am on a holiday or on an educational / study trip (the amazing gift of being a travel agent). I enjoy all my trips! When I travel, I become alive, I live, I experience, I see, I learn, I do, I explore, I discover, I love, I enjoy… and so much more. Travelling is an extraordinary gift for the mind and the soul! So, if you are in good health, you have time and the means to travel, then please do so (of course when it is safe to travel; make sure you check!).

Work is still in progress! I launched One Lucky Traveller in April, 2019. Slowly (I do have a full time job 😉 ) I am translating the travel blogs I wrote over the last 10 years from Dutch into (hopefully proper) English. And of course new travel adventures bring new stories. You can check to see which Travel Blogs are already online.

Feel free to share this website, the travel blogs and/or the Tips & Tricks. If you want information on a destination I wrote about or if you need tips, just leave a comment and I will answer you as soon as possible. You can also visit my Instagram of Facebook for travel pics and inspiration.

Thank you so much for visiting; I hope you get inspired to travel! 

Elisabeth, One Lucky Traveller

OLT news & updates

June 22, 2020: 4 years ago I was in Aruba as a finalist in a photo contest. I took so many photographs and now I finally managed to make a photo book of this amazing holiday destination. I made a professional line photo book with Saal Digital and I absolutely love it. The quality is really good and this book will last a lifetime.