Santorini, Greece

Part 4 of my Cycladic adventure: Santorini, Greece!

This is the last stop in my 2 week Cyclades island hopping holiday. Santorini is probably the most touristic island, but how could it not be?! When you arrive by ferry you are in the middle of the caldera. You see the amazing cliffs and the picturesque mountain villages on top. It is a stunning sight!

Naxos, Greece

Part 3 of my Cycladic adventure: Naxos, Greece!

I am halfway through my 2 week Cyclades island hopping holiday. The third stop is Naxos, which is the biggest island of this group. Naxos does not have a port for cruise ships, the airport is also limited to what can come in, but that means you will not find mass tourism here.

Naxos: if I win the lotery, I will move back to Greece and find myself a nice place to live somewhere on your west coast ;).